Additional Benefits for Georgians due to Covid-19

Georgia’s 1 million food stamp recipients will get additional money for the next 6 months as state officials work to ensure all have access to food during the growing coronavirus pandemic. Families who qualify for food stamp benefits will receive additional benefits for March and April through the Pandemic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (P-SNAP).

Under the guidelines announced by Gov. Brian Kemp on Monday, a senior citizen who typically receives about $15 in monthly benefits thought the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, will qualify for the maximum $194 allowed to a household of one. The Congress authorized program allows SNAP recipients who do not receive the maximum benefit for their family to get additional money automatically. Those already receiving the maximum amount for their household will not receive additional funds.

According to an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “March and April, approximately 1 million Georgians who receive SNAP will get an additional $100 (on average) in nutrition benefits,” Kemps said (Prabhu, 2020).

Approximately 1.7 million Georgians rely on SNAP to feed their families. Division of Family and Children Services Director Tom Rawlings said between $15 Million and $20 Million would be distributed to Georgians in need in March and April. A federally funded program, no state money is used for SNAP benefits. Rawlings also said that federal law approved last week allows the division to waive the SNAP guidelines that require-able bodied adults without dependents to either work or attend training for at least 20 hours a week.

“The law allows us to dismiss those work and training requirements temporarily, but also eases the administrative burden on our staff,” he said, freeing them up to process applications. “With a pandemic, a lot of those jobs people might otherwise get have been suspended, and jobs just aren’t available right now” (Prabhu, 2020).

Food Stamp Maximum Allotments

Household Size Maximum Benefit

1 $194

2 $355

3 $509

4 $646

5 $768

6 $921

7 $1,018

8 $1,164

Each additional household member after 8 is worth $146

Apply for Food Stamps and Medicaid Benefits

Visit: (verification documents and case status info for all benefits; Food Stamps. Medicaid and TANF account updates are also housed on this site.)

Download an Application:


Call: 888-421-3281 for updates

Those without internet access can contact DFCS Customer Contact Center at 877-423-4746 for additional options, general information, or to request an application.


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