Champagne Papi, Drops Mixtape Just in Time for The Summer Vibes

While many adjustments are being made on a daily when comes to social rhythm, rest assured that if nothing else in these uncertain times, it can be guaranteed that Drake is coming with the summer-time vibes. Just as it starts to heat up, the Toronto singer, rapper, meme enthuses released a 14-song mixtape entitle Dark Lane Demo Tapes on May 1, 2020.

The picture of Drake on the cover of Dark Lanes is a dead give away of the mood he is giving off. The tape opens up with “Deep Pockets” giving a slow-moving ambiance to the murky recording on “Florida With Love,” Dark Lane is a little rawer than Drake’s recent album. The latest number one single “Toosie Slide” has to be the most radical hit ever created, or possibly the most jaded.

The mixtape features guest verses by rappers Playboi Carti, Future, Young Thug, Chris Brown and more. It also includes “When to Say When,” which samples Jay Z’s Blueprint stunner “Song Cry” and Chicago Freestyle,” which were both dropped at the end of February. Other previously released tracks include “Desires” and “War.” It appears that the rapper seems to be suffering from success.

Usually, a Drizzy project would be a no doubt debut No.1 spot on the billboard 200 chart. Unfortunately, he didn’t see that same success this time. This may not have been the best work from Drake but surely the promised album and confirmed collab with Lil Wayne this coming summer can make up for the fall this mixtape took.

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