Chicago Native making her mark in Atlanta: Check out Shanterrial

Shanterrial, Chicago, IL, native, was always destined to become a star. Whether it was singing, acting, dancing, she always knew it was for her to be an entertainer. While on her journey, obstacles have come her way, but with her drive, dedication, and charisma, she overcomes them. Shanterrial, who has a genuine commitment to the arts, received a degree in music from the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. After obtaining a degree, she moved to California to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. She managed to score her first lead role in “How to Marry the Bank,” but then decided to back to Atlanta to focus on a career in the music industry. Shanterrial invested in her dream by building her home studio, recording, writing, and arranging her first single that is now out on all music platforms entitled “I Hope You’re Happy (Karma).

Shanterrial represents for the ladies with this one. She bears her heart in this single by expressing the hurt of a failed relationship. This track puts me in the mind of Jasmine Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows.” Often in a relationship, men move on after hurting women and expect them just to bounce back and accept the consequences. However, that is hard to do. Shanterrial provides us with a song to explain that tragedy, and she does not disappoint. If you love real R&B, you will be able to hop on Shanterrial’s wave. As the people would say, “She is sangin.” She is a powerhouse with a beautiful voice, and I cannot wait to hear more from her. To tap into this vibe, you can live stream her single on all music platforms.

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