Vee Speaks Brings Awareness to Life After Domestic Violence

“There is no pain, no gain, no grief, no strife, the struggle is over, and its time to speak life!” this is the motto that Vee lives her life by. Vibrant Vee SpeakLife, is an author and sincere servant leader. She is a former science and math educator equipped with over two decades of combined professional experience working in corporate America and enhancing the lives of youth and families.

During her time on Nightmare Radio, Vee spoke about how she is all about developing chemistry with the masses and showing domestic violence survivors how to thrive and gain positive self-awareness, worth, and empowerment. While on the show, she openly shared her story and personal experiences with domestic violence and also introduced her book entitled “Shifted Masterpiece: A story of love and horror in Savannah, Georgia.” The book entails her story of how she escaped and the different obstacles she had to face in the marriage. Towards the end of her interview she provided our team and our listeners with essential tips of the signs of domestic violence and how family and friends can be supportive to those who may be experiencing this with their current partners.

Vee is the founder/executive director of Shifted Masterpiece, Inc., a non-profit organization that serves and supports domestic violence survivors, families, and at-risk youth. Vee SpeaksLife is a change agent, a life coach who teaches Life Skills, Leadership, Anti-bullying Awareness, and Legacy building. She uses her platform to share her personal experiences because she doesn’t know who she may be touching and who needs to hear it so that they can get out of their current situation. Vee SpeaksLife can reached at on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just search hashtag shifted masterpiece.

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