Yung LA Still Got It! -BTS Interview

Yung LA emerged onto the music scene in 2009 with hit songs 36'os, Fallback Lean Down, and so many more! I remember the rise of his career like it was yesterday. We used to go to Club Libra off of Gresham Road and we always wanted to hear his futuristic sound. Yung LA was one of many artists who pioneered the futuristic era with his crazy haircuts and his stupid fruity Black Boy White Boy Swag. It was in no time that teenagers were taking his futuristic swag and making it their own! It was very refreshing to go off to school and listen to the latest Pretty Boy Tank Mixtape to hear what was hot in the city and hearing him team up with other artists to continue to create shape that futuristic sound.

Later in the year (2009) he teamed up with Grand Hustle and remixed his hit song “Ain’t I” featuring Young Dro and T.I. which to him was what he would call the peak of his career. Young Dro and Yung LA went on to produce other hits together like another one of my personal favorites “Take Off”. He later went on to put out Futuristic Love Featuring Fantasia’s brother Ricco Barrino which was also a hit in the streets and the club.

So! One might ask, where is Yung LA now? We have not heard any music from LA in many years since the futuristic era, but now he is back in the future (2020) with his unique sound ready to take flight again!

Recently I was awarded the chance to speak to him behind the scenes at his photo shoot for his new single “I Got It” produced by super producer Zaytoven which will be hitting the air waves very soon and will be featured on his mixtape with Zaytoven in the first quarter entitled “Blame it on Zay”.

Check out the full Interview with the living Atlanta Legend on where he’s been and where he is going. I am so excited to see him reinvent himself and impact the game as he has in the past. We know his timeless sound is guaranteed to blow!

Be sure to follow his Journey on Social Media @YungLA_ on all Platforms.

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