Green Lit Celebrates it's One Year Anniversary!

Green Lit ATL founder Ernestine Morrison celebrated its one year anniversary of her event Green Lit ATL January 2nd, 2020! The event was created so that actors, actresses, or anyone looking to get into the production industry can get together network and potentially collaborate on new projects, hence their slogan "Create don't wait" on the green light to be given to you!

"I would not be to where I am today without my village. It is important to collaborate" Morrison Said while speaking to a packed out crowd

Ernestine was born a crack baby, and is also child molestation survivor who later became a poet, actress , track athlete Jack of all trades. She is commonly known for her poetic appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show. She reflected on her year growing Green Lit as she provided words of encouragement to the crowd. "Be the best version of you that you can be!"

She also spoke about what it was like to be married and working in business with her husband J Morrison who is also an entrepreneur. Her advice to couples in business " Make sure your visions are aligned and know when to let each other shine.

Later in the night they raffled off the Non-Starving artist jar filled with dollars from crowd participants with an additional $300.00 from both J, Ernestine and DC Young Fly!

In the Raffle they Choose 3 people who had 60 seconds to tell the crowd why they should be the winner of the jar! The winner, who is an aspiring rapper, kicked a freestyle about persevering through life after the death of his sister. B Simone later gifted the winner with an additional $500.00!

Film Food Stamps Also premiered their short film ScamHers from their ongoing Her series starring, Streetz 94.5's Bri Renee, MTV Wild'n Out's B Simone and Jacky Oh, as well as the Green Lit Founder Ernestine Morrison Directed by Dontell Antonio

The film mimicked the storyline of the hood classic Set it Off ! The cast mentioned the short film was shot off Love exemplifying the true meaning of create don't wait!

Film Food Stamps is a group of black content creatives who work together on films and not wait on hollywood! They will be dropping short films on the 15th of each month similar to how people receive food stamps.

Green Lit ATL takes place every first Thursday of the Month! Tickets for the next Green Lit are available now! for more information follow @GreenLitATL on all social media platforms.

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