Our Children's Story's 2nd Annual Purple and Green Gala

On Saturday November 3rd, 2018 Our Children's Story hosted their 2nd Annual Purple and Green Gala located at the Smyrna Community Center. The Purple and Green Gala raises awareness to epilepsy and cerebral palsy as well as honors the pillars of the epilepsy and cerebral palsy community.

The evening was hosted with love, emotion, food provided by AJ's Catering service, and entertainment from Saint Fleur Henrico and Vanessa Zabari & Company as honorees, their families, as well as other supporters gathered to celebrate the children and the honorees efforts towards the epilepsy and cerebral palsy community.

Our Children's story was founded in 2010 by founder Libra Hicks, and was created to bring awareness too cerebral palsy and epilepsy by focusing on educating, uplifting, and inspiring families alike as well as helping families who care for loved ones with special needs find resources. Founder Libra Hicks has a direct relation to the community having 2 children that each have epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Our Children's Story has consistently welcomed and assisted families from diverse backgrounds and has always strived for inclusiveness guided by their belief system that all things are possible! Our Children's Story believes there is no lack that will affect the abilities that the children have been given. In addition to the Purple and Green Gala, they have created annual events and activities for their families to enjoy including: Mommy Makeovers, Inclusion Fashion shows, Back to School drives, and Toys for Tots.

As each honoree shared their experience or relation with epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Libra Hicks, Founder and President of Our Children's story, shared a heart felt message for each and every honoree as she presented them with their award.

Libra admired each honoree's strengths and contributions to the community ranging from providing Inclusiveness to the cerebral palsy and epilepsy community, to their ability to conquer each day in a position and situation that is not the easiest to understand or be in on a day to day basis.

Understanding that each honoree has a different background story in the relation to the cause, Libra made sure to express her gratitude to all who have continued to stay strong in the fight against cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The common denominator of all honorees was their faith in God that miracles do happen and that he has the last say!

Honoree's included: Chris Ulmer, Mama Pain, Elizabeth Hewell, Kenya Durley (Recipient of Shckita Thomas Award) , Saundra & Chancellor Adams (Recipient of Rio's Award), Lindsay LiCari Mother of Ayden, Acacia Mcbride (Recipient of Lyric's Award), Lastena Shahid , Lisa Gibbs, Marcus Boyd, Nichole Wilson, and Rennada Wiggins.

This event was sponsored by Unique Creations and Events, YBL Mobile Glam Squad, AJ's catering Service and The Holiday Firm.

For more information on how to be involved with Our Children's Story's efforts in the community visit www.ourchildrensstory.org.

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