Still Talking Money: STM RO Interview

Nightmare Projectz TV debuts its first episode!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Still Talking Money Artist Ro. He spoke humbly about his journey from growing up in a Jamaican home and how it has impacted his life and his music, to how he transitioned from playing basketball to having a career in music, as well as some of the hardships he has faced on his independent journey. Ro also shared his future plans with Still Talking Money from a Philanthropy Perspective and future plans for his community.

It is very refreshing to know that there are artists who are coming up in the industry who appreciate lyrical music and promoting positive messages relatable to listeners versus promoting about iced out AP's and hitting licks. Nowadays most people are looking for more depth in music, a song that is relating to the listeners situation while at the same time being transparent about the situations they have been through which is what I appreciate the most about Ro's music. Whatever anyone wants to know about him they can definitely listen to his music and for a better understanding of his perspectives.

With WRFF2 (Will Rap For Food) on the way he shared more of what we can expect from the second Project as well as new marketing strategies, and his new song inspired by Eminem.

For more music from STM RO follow him on all Social Media @STM_RO @StillTalkingMoney

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