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Nightmare Projectz provides an endless variety of services to all of our clients.  Each service is designed to execute your dreams and align them with reality.


Our team is committed to elevating each client's brand, business, or product to success by working with all budgets and creating an endless competitive advantage. 

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About Us

We are a company that loves to create successful experiences for clients through our expertise and services. Nightmare Projectz caters to an elite group of small business owners  and entertainers who have the ability to impact their perspective industry.


Nightmare Projectz also arrange events and showcases to enhance community and industry involvement as well as create awareness for the company, our client's brands, and small businesses.

Nightmare Projectz LLC was founded in 2015  and operates as a management, marketing and media agency. Our sole focus is to provide marketing, media, and brand development  services to our clients.


The organization strives to produce a platform for artists, small business owners, and millennials to showcase their products and creativity nation wide.